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ACCADEMIA– Great Italian Yarns

Through an accurate analysis of the stylistic evolution and the changes due to new life styles, Accademia presents its own yarns, expression of joy and concreteness, class with fantasy, respect of the values, application of new technologies.  The new collection born by an accurate research that brings voluntarily to the development of different themes. The fantasy, all along the distinguishing feature of Accademia collections, it's intended as a mix of fibres and twists of different components. The prints are delicate shades and ton sur ton.


It is the must of the collection, soft, warm and always reassuring in all its interpretations.
The classical and the light ones, thin and woven in open stitches that highlight the gauze effect. Indiana, Texkid, Kidik, Setakid.
The stretch and puff ones, that despite the thick and full-bodied knit, keep the lightness of the mohair fibre. Solid coloured,  Violette, Olesya, or with colour shades in very long degradè, Violette Flame, or printed in different intertwined colours that create a palette of chromatic mixes, Jungle.
Bright and Chic
For the evening and to give a spotlight to the short winter days, mohair is dotted of lurex in Soleil e Coco and it is decorated with sequins, also with colour contrasts, Oro and Emozione and with little glass beads, Cosmic.

 Clean knit

This group is composed by yarns with a clean and linear aspect, and because of their basic structure, they lend themselves better to be
reinterpreted and decorated with particular stitches or with special dyeing and finishing on it.
From the thinner yarn counts in wool and viscose, Natalie, Elise, Ivory, until  the full and round yarns 100% wool “special treatment” for 3 gauge, Rotondo e Tondino.

Fur effect and Bouclé

The knit that evokes fur and the animal textures.
Cut in long locks, ideal for inserts and details, Baloo; and soft chenille effects of shiny viscose, with a velvet effects, warm, soft and tight on the body as a feline skin, Chamois. Bouclé clearly visible, solid and wavy: Nadine, Flute, Pinup.

Devoré and neo-grunge

The alternation of full and empty spaces of the fibres makes the monochromatic fabric delicately iridescent, Vera, Flore and with multitone prints, Foulard, Vera Multi. Is badly dyed on purpose the pure cotton tape yarn with a worn out aspect, Phard.

Glitter and shiny

A yarn triad with delicate lurex inserts, often in the same colour tone of the base, is the central theme. The glittering surfaces of Incanto and Rifletti  and the lights and shades degradé of Stardust, where lurex is mixed with  puffy mohair.


Also the basic line of the firm has chosen the mohair as the basic element for the entire collection: the one of Atlantico, shiny and apparently iridescent, Cometa, moved by little metal knots, Marta and Beauty, lit by the the evergreen sequins.
Lurex is used with the same colour tone of the base and create a funny twist with it, in Lucente, gauzed and stretch in Petalo and in the classic viscose, suitable for every season, Frizzante. The trend of the season, the bouclé, is blended in two colours in Grace Fumé, and solid in Mya and Grace.
Structure fancies in Lena, Noemi, Sempre Chiné.

The fall winter 2014-2015 colour chart is synonymous of colour, strong reds, fuchsia, purple, cyclamen and all the green shades until the hunter one. French pastels also for the winter.                                                                                                       All the blends with mohair increase the value of melange colours, from classic gray and beige to bolder ones.

Accademia - The Great Italian Yarns
Industria Italiana Filati
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Firenze 3-5 Luglio 2013
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